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Stating Jan 19th Tuesdays 9am-11am (Central Time) 4pm-6pm (UK time) 

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* Immigration

* Business Law & Formation

* Taxes & CPA

* Insurances

* Real Estate Comertial/Residential

* Relocation

* Buying a business vs Buying a Franchise 

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Protecting trade secrets drives innovation, attracts investment and creates jobs. 

TEUCC welcomes the European Commission’s legislative proposal to protect trade secrets. Effective legal protection of trade secrets and other confidential business information is essential to increasing USA and Europe’s innovation and competitiveness.


‘Protecting trade secrets and confidential business information is a key driver of economic growth. It’s what gives companies, SMEs and individuals alike the incentive to take risks and invest time and resources in developing new products, technologies and solutions to benefit consumers’, said Susan Danger, Managing Director, AmCham EU. She went on to add, ‘It also is a key element in attracting investment and creating new jobs in Europe. This is exactly what isneeded in this current economic climate, and it all starts with trade secrets protection’.Trade secrets are owned by many US and EU companies, large and small, across a wide variety of sectors. Despite their high value for companies, trade secrets are often subject to weaker legal protection when compared to other intellectual property rights. Once trade secrets are disclosed, their value cannot be recovered. Misappropriation of trade secrets has significantly increased due to greater workforce mobility,