Our Mission is to represent, assist, and connect European businesses and organizations with communities in the State of Texas. Texas European Union Chamber of Commerce “TEUCC” is committed to fostering communication, investment, and exchange between companies and businesses in EU nations and Texas cities and counties. Our organization looks to promote Texas communities as prosperous areas for investment and growth for firms based in and/or operating in Europe that are looking to expand into the United States. TEUCC advocates transparent, open communication and dialogue over transatlantic business issues to further assist and aid our members and associates in their endeavors.


TEUCC has developed a unique strategy, where the TEUCC is an infrastructure that supports focused committees, comprised of our members. These committee’s group members with similar interests will organize various events and initiatives that range from think tanks to conferences. These committee groups also create an environment that fosters member involvement while allowing TEUCC direct insight to our members’ business needs.

To learn more about what the Texas European Union Chamber of Commerce can do for you or to join go to the Member’s page or call us at 1-512-431-7329.