Welcome to The Texas European Chamber of Commerce


Welcome to our great network  of businesses,  diplomats, and organizations all working together to create a world of opportunities both in Europe and Texas!


We are at the heart of the world economy. The enormous business potential of the transatlantic commercial relationship is far from being fully realized.


More that €1.8 Billion of goods and services are traded every day between the European Union and the United States.  We have a collective investment stock of over $2 trillion in our respective regions.

The United State has consistently directed half of its total foreign direct investment (FDI) each year toward the EU, and the EU’s FDI in the U.S has continually accounted for almost two-thirds of America’s total incoming investment.


US investment in the EU is more than three times the total U.S FDI to the entire Asia-Pacific region and EU FDI in the US is four times larger than the combined investment by the Asia-Pacific region in the US.

Importance of Texas and EU commercial  relationship. Texas is one of the largest, strongest and most rapidly growing economies in the United States, it would be the 14th largest economy in the world by GDP with more than 1,300 major foreign companies continued their active operations in Texas in 2012. Between 2008-2012, more than 430 non-U.S. companies announced over 500 separate business expansions in Texas.


These projects created an estimated 46,000 jobs and $38 billion in capital investment and export into EU over $25 billion a year.


Thank you for your support and for being part of this amazing and powerful network.