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Welcome to the Texas European Chamber of Commerce Resource Center, a space dedicated to providing tools, information and advice to businessmen and entrepreneurs seeking to grow and develop their businesses in an increasingly competitive environment, offering them access to a wide range of resources and services to improve your productive capacity, expand your network of contacts, promote your brand and increase your visibility in the local and international market.

After California, Texas is the second largest state economy in the US with $2 trillion USD of GDP and more than 30 million inhabitants, it is the ninth economy in the world. Particularly the 4 main cities (San Antonio, Austin, Houston and Dallas) concentrate most of the economy and workers with higher education. Austin stands out as the city with the largest number of university students in the state, due to the technology industry, semiconductors, space, automotive, medical devices, among other new industries.

The size of the Texas economy and population has the tax benefit of no state income tax. Finally, Texas has historically been the main exporter (and importer) of the country, with Mexico being its main trading partner and port of entry through the southern border.

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